2017 Recap & Review

This week is that weird time in between Christmas and New Years when I always feel a little disoriented, almost like I’m in limbo.  I think these days are best spent reflecting on the year.  Highs, lows, and all of the “in-betweens”.  It is an excellent time to reminisce about your best memories, to mourn any losses or to come to terms with your shortcomings.  I like to put everything into perspective so that I can move into the new year with clean energy and focus.

2017 was quite the year for me, there is so much to look back on.  At the very start of the year we attended the Women’s March on Washington, which was a beautiful, uplifting day full of love and positivity. John and I spent the first 8 months of 2017 planning our wedding, and that alone was a significant journey!  We got married in September, surrounded by all of our loved ones. I changed my last name, then we honeymooned in Thailand for 12 gorgeous days.  Marrying John and going to Thailand together was obviously the best part of my year and how I will remember 2017 for the rest of my life, but we actually managed to do a lot of extra stuff during the year as well.

We had a blast at Governors Ball this spring in New York and were also able to attend a smaller music festival this fall when we went to Meeting of the Minds in Pennsylvania.  We took a bunch of weekend trips to Manhattan, Cleveland, Charlotte, Wilmington, Arlington, and D.C., some of them multiple times.   In June I received the greatest gift of my life which was the birth of my first nephew.  Watching him grow these past six months has been a life-changing blessing for me.  I have developed an interest in learning about natural, eco-friendly products and brands and how they affect our society, which prompted me to start blogging again.  I continued to run my Etsy shop, and although I wasn’t able to put in as much effort as I did in 2016, I am still proud that it is up and running at all!  John started building drones and it has developed into a pretty serious hobby/skill.

We had the opportunity to experience so many bands and concerts this year, from EDM DJ’s (Slushii, Marshmello, Tchami and Flume) to Jam bands (Dr.Slothclaw and Flux Capacitor) to bigger names like Rae Sremmurd, Chance the Rapper (we saw him twice during his tour this year) and Lorde, Tove Lo, Saint Motel (twice, they are one of our favorites), Wu-Tang Clan (!), and even the Trans-siberian orchestra this winter.

John and I have received promotions and multiple bonuses at work, and just last Friday I passed a class that I was enrolled in through my employer.  I have had the opportunity to work with three amazing local photographers for some Instagram collaborations.  We have volunteered with local organizations and we’ve given back a lot in the hopes of propelling others forward.  John and I have grown stronger as a couple, stronger as individuals, and stronger professionally.

If someone had told me this time last year that we would have accomplished so much and experienced so much in 2017, I absolutely would have called bullshit.  I mean, it was a busy year even without the wedding, and that has actually been a huge lesson for me.  We can do SO MUCH MORE than we think we can!  It was hardly what I would call a stressful year, I think we really enjoyed staying busy and pushing ourselves a little. The lesson that I’m taking away is that we shouldn’t doubt ourselves or fear our goals. All that we have to do is put forth effort one day at a time.  Always work hard, but also make time for things that are important to us.

We are heading to Atlantic City this weekend to ring in the new year, and my list of blessings and happy memories could hardly be any longer.  Everyone has highs and lows in life, but I have definitely been riding high in 2017.  It has been the best year of my life, even in the face of all of the chaos and bullshit going on in America.

So, now it’s time to look forward.  I was a little troubled at first, with 2017 being such an exciting and productive year, how can we possibly follow this up in 2018?  What changes do we need to make that will really impact our lives in a positive way?  What can we improve upon personally, how can we give back more to our community and our society?  Are there any character flaws that we need to focus on?  Are we planning enough for our financial future? Are we spending our time fairly between our family, our friends and ourselves as a couple?  There are many things to think about, so John and I are spending the rest of this week relaxing, cleaning, writing, and thinking ahead.

I hope that everyone can name at least two blessings from this year.  Even if this was a difficult year for you, I hope there is something positive that you can take away from it, whether it be a learning experience, or the realization that you need to make a big change in the next week.  Whatever has happened, I hope that you can reflect on it and move forward with positivity and inspiration!  I am hoping for the best for my country, my friends, my family, and my followers in 2018.

It has been a long year, and I am ready to move on, are you?  I want to hear the highlights of 2017, what were the best parts of your year?  Let me know in the comments!

Another year down and I’m feeling ready for the next journey. Let’s do this!


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