9 Eco-Friendly Brands That Will Get You Excited About Sustainable Fashion

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes vacations, music festivals and wedding season!

I love weddings because I love dancing, sentimental speeches and getting dressed up.  Last year I found myself in a frenzy a few days prior to every wedding that we attended, searching for something to wear.  I never have appropriate dresses to wear to weddings because my wardrobe consists largely of black and white clothing items, which are pretty inappropriate to wear.  I hesitate to even wear cream or nude-colored dresses, it just doesn’t feel right.  Anyways, I decided that this year I am going to be prepared, and you know what that means.  I get to go shopping!

I was looking through my wardrobe last weekend (with summer adventures in mind) and I found a lot of clothes that are either stained, or I hate them and never wear them, or they don’t fit me correctly.  My sock and underwear drawer is old and needs to be refreshed, and so does my husbands.  I’ve done a really good job not shopping this year, but sometimes you just need some new items.  Obviously, I am going to purchase only Eco-friendly, ethically created, sustainable items for us, and I AM going to do this (power of positive thinking), without spending an excess of money, since we have been trying to save money to plan a few extra vacations and trips this summer.

I usually have a lot of luck at thrift stores finding really nice dresses, and I think that this is because women will purchase a dress for a specific occasion or event, and then never find a reason to wear them again, so these once-worn dresses end up getting donated.  I’m definitely going to check out some thrift stores for dresses (I have a lot of luck at Plato’s Closet), but I was searching online the other day for sustainable dresses and I wound up in a rabbit hole where I found a bunch of amazing businesses that sell ethically made, Eco-friendly and sustainable clothing items.  I definitely plan on purchasing a few new items that are versatile and well-made so that we can wear them often and for a long time.  I want to share this list with all of you, so that you don’t miss out on some amazing companies who are making a very positive, and meaningful impact on our world.

Brooke There

This company sells organic, minimalist intimates that are made in the USA.  Out of all of the different clothing items, I’ve definitely struggled the most finding sustainable, affordable lingerie.  This store has a really nice selection of lingerie with two varieties: silk and organic.  The silk are slightly more expensive, but if you purchase bras and undies in sets it can save you some money.  They also have a nice selection of sale items.  If you are used to buying bras from places like Victoria’s Secret or Aerie, then Brooke There’s prices will not phase you.  I love the design of the bras and they offer three different styles of panties, which includes thongs (an item that I’ve noticed many sustainable lingerie stores don’t offer for some reason).

We Are Thought

This is my new favorite online store!  We Are Thought offers organic, hemp and bamboo clothing items for men and women.  They are very affordable and I really love the design of their clothing.  Everything is modern, practical, and fashionable without being so trendy that you will end up buying something that you can’t wear in the future.  They offer all kinds of items from outerwear, to tops and pants, to dresses with beautiful prints that are very wedding-friendly!  They also have an extensive assortment of sale items, which I always appreciate.  I cannot wait to place an order.  My only issue here will be not over-shopping.

Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe is an Eco-conscious company that sells organic cotton products made in the USA.  Apparently their best-selling items are their bras, which cost around $40 to $60 each.  Some of my favorite items from this store are their basics.  They have really nice basic tees, dresses (with pockets!) and leggings.  Blue Canoe offers a sale and a clearance rack where prices are slashed almost in half.  I love dresses with pockets and I’m excited to watch this one for future clothing lines.


Based in Berlin, Anekdot sells handmade, sustainable, Eco-friendly bras and undies.  Everything is very sexy and very functional.  Hands-down these are the most attractive and affordable, sustainable intimates that I’ve found so far.  They offer a lot of front-closing bras, which is a feature that I love.  The Earth Soft Bra is definitely on my to-buy list.  It is an international brand, so that’s slightly inconvenient, but I am going to take a chance on this one and place an order!

United By Blue

United By Blue carries an outdoorsy selection, and their focus is on ocean conservation.  According to their website, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every item sold.  They have options for men and women, and they have created a very popular backpack line.  They are based in Philadelphia, which is really close to home for me and I would love to visit their brick and mortar store sometime!  Their dress selection is small, which makes sense since they focus more on casual and active wear.  I tend to purchase items in solid, neutral colors, which isn’t a huge focus here, but I would definitely shop for hoodies, graphic tees and button-downs at United by Blue.  They also have some sick sunglasses that I’m thinking of purchasing.  I might do it just for the ocean.

Organic Basics

Concerning undergarments, Organic Basics was another amazing find!  They have 2-pack undies for $40 regular price, and pretty triangle bras that look supportive without being restrictive, with some light padding.  Mens boxers (which are actually boxer-briefs) come in a 2-pack for $50, which I think is still a good price.  My man normally wears Calvins, so I will happily pay the same for some sustainable undies.  Their selection isn’t huge, but the items that they do carry are very well thought-out.  I will probably finish refreshing mine and my husband’s undie selection at this website.  If you aren’t totally satisfied they will give you a refund, which takes away any hesitation that I did have about ordering.

Alternative Apparel

You may have heard of this company before.  I linked this one right to the sale rack because that’s definitely where I will be shopping from.  Alternative Apparel has Eco-friendly options for men and women, with free shipping on all orders!  On the sale rack I found leggings for $15, bras for $7 and basic tees and tanks for $20 to $25.  Those prices cannot be beat for sustainable clothing.  They also have a last chance section where you can find items for under $30, $20 and $10.  I would definitely recommend this website to anyone just starting their sustainable wardrobe, or anyone who wants to stock up on some quality, ethical basics.

Armed Angels

This is an online fair trade, eco-friendly store for men and women.  The men’s sweater line is ridiculous and I would love to get my husband one or two for next winter.  You can get free shipping if you sign up for their newsletter.  They do stock a lot of prints and patterns, but I still found a few items that I know I would wear for a long time.  They have some really cute miniskirts for around 35 euros that I might have to splurge on sometime, and their selection of jeans is impressive.  There is also a vegan section if you want to take your sustainability resolutions one step further.

People Tree

People Tree claims to be a fair trade fashion pioneer, and you’ve probably heard their name before.  Their clothing is fair trade certified organic cotton with natural dyes.  They are based in the United Kingdom and the clothing definitely has more of a European vibe to it.  This company isn’t quite as affordable as some of the others listed here, but you can be confident that you’re purchasing a high-quality, earth-friendly product.  Their organic cotton leggings look amazing and they are only $25 to $30, so I might start with that.  There is a lot to choose from on this website for men and women, and they also carry jewelry.

Between this list and my previous list, I definitely have enough options to carry me over for a while.  What items or products do you struggle finding sustainable options for?  Share with me in the comments, and if you have a favorite brand that you think I should check out, please let me know!  Happy shopping!

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