Paper Planning : How to plan your entire trip on one paper.

If you are looking for a fool proof way to plan your trip, you are in the right place.

Almost every human on this planet has had a thought of traveling the world. Why not? The world is the greatest creation of nature and believe it or not, the more you explore, the more you’ll want to.

Although every human wants to travel, very few of them know how to travel and that is the real problem I’m gonna tackle here today.

When I went out on a survey asking random people about their traveling experiences, here’s what I got.

“My first trip was to Bali, Indonesia and it was so badly planned that we ended up getting broke on a holiday and we had to cancel it halfway.” – Gabriel, 26

“ I have always been bad at planning and that is one reason I don’t travel despite earning a good sum of money.” – Neha, 32

“ I tried making a lot of plans for one single trip and none of them actually helped us and we had to cancel the entire holiday.” – Mohit, 23

Take any age or a group of individuals, it is true that there is a difference between planning for home and planning for travel. Most people can make budgets but none of them can actually make one for a trip because its tough.

The most popular and also one of the easiest ways to do this is through Paper Planning.

Paper planning is by far the most effective way to plan an entire trip be it solo or group.

Paper planning is the trick that the Travel blogger Anubhav Bhatt from invented when he couldn’t find a way to make a quick plan.

Paper planning means planning a trip on One paper, Yes, only one paper. You might think its impossible but believe me, it is possible and you can make it in less than 15 minutes.

So whats the step-by-step way to make it?

Step 1: It is to identify the pillars of traveling:



Food and wellbeing


These four are the most important pillars for any trip, so you need to take good care of each of these. If you miss out on any of these, believe me you are gonna ruin your most favourite trip.

Step 2: It is to list the locations you will be traveling to and the sub-locations (Locations within that place.)

You will write it like this:

New York City – Times Square, Statue of Liberty etc.

Step 3: It is to find a way to satisfy each of the pillars.

For example, Location to Location, Transport to be used, Accommodation and Food.

Step 4: Draw the final diagram of Paper Planning.

Scenario : Joey wants to travel to New York City from London and he will be going on a flight and will be staying at McFrenzy’s Hotel and would be eating at McJones Restaurant. Help him make a Paper plan:

Solution :

Write down a short note about the entire trip.

Joey – Flight (24/06/18/London) – NYC (Statue of Liberty, Times Square) – McFrenzy’s Hotel – McJones Restaurant- Flight(29/06/18/NYC)- Back in London.

Now, expand the above scenario into a detailed paper plan.



Your superb paper plan is ready to be used anytime during the trip.

If you have some place left, you can add-in more details like contact numbers etc.

An article by

Anubhav Bhatt


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