Trip Idea – Babymoon

One life event which certainly makes traveling much more difficult is having a baby.  Whether it’s your first child or not you would be wise to take a vacation before the baby gets here, because chances are once the baby arrives, you won’t be able to get away for a few months at minimum.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few days away with your partner, reconnecting and making memories without spending a lot of money before your baby arrives?  What a beautiful idea!

One of my friends recently introduced the idea of a “babymoon” to me, which is exactly what it sounds like – a getaway trip for you and your partner to leave town, have some fun, and enjoy each others company before your new baby arrives.  There is no ideal time to go on your babymoon, do it whenever you are most comfortable.  I wouldn’t suggest leaving too close to the due date, but many women experience discomfort early on in their pregnancies, so think mid-range within your nine months. Since one traveler is pregnant and may not want to go far from family, friends and OBGYN, I think it’s wise to plan a trip that resembles what many of us call a “staycation”.  Since having a child is quite expensive, it would also not be wise (for most couples) to plan an incredibly expensive babymoon.  Fortunately, there are many affordable and fun trips that pregnant women and their partners can enjoy together.

Below are some ideas for couples who would like to go on a babymoon, but aren’t sure where to start planning.

1. Spa Weekend Babymoon

One great option for a couple (especially one who is pregnant and often quite uncomfortable), is to take a spa babymoon.  Choose a location, perhaps a large city that you live near, or visit a spa resort further away from all of the commotion of a city, whichever you prefer as a couple.  Take a Friday or Monday off of work and enjoy some quality time with the person that you love enough to make a baby with!  Below are some examples of spa resorts that you can stay at to pamper yourself, your loved one, and your child who is getting ready to enter the world.

The Spa at Hotel Hershey

Crystal Springs Resort

New England Inns and Resorts

Hotel Spa Packages from Marriott

Groupon Relaxing Retreats

SpaFinder Website

2. Glamping Babymoon

While some women would be comfortable camping while pregnant, I think that a Babymoon is a perfect excuse to go “Glamping”.  Rent a cabin with a comfortable bed, a shower and a toilet so that everyone is comfortable sleeping at night, and so that Mom-To-Be doesn’t have to trek to the public bathrooms every time she has to pee (in case you forgot – pregnant women pee a LOT).  During the day you can take your time hiking, fishing, relaxing by a lake or telling campfire stories.  Here are some great “Glamping” options that would keep Mommy relaxed and Mommy’s partner entertained.

Glamping Hub 

Asheville Glamping

Fireside Resort

Sandy Pines Camping

Terra Glamping

3.  Music Babymoon

You love music, your partner loves music, your baby loves music too!  Did you know that babies can hear as early as 18 weeks?  After 24 weeks their ears start developing rapidly, and they can hear sounds. If you want to ensure that your child has excellent taste in music (just like you), what better way than to take a long weekend and listen to some jams together?

You can find live music in almost any medium-sized city, but for a babymoon I would recommend choosing one concert that you both really want to see, head to that city for the weekend and then stop in at different small venues to get a taste of live music in that area.  For example, you might want to go to Philadelphia for a Beyonce concert that takes place on Saturday night (you know she’s on tour this summer, right?), and you can easily fill the rest of your time in with other activities.  Friday night go to a nice dinner, then  find a bar with live music, then visit a comedy club (laughing is so healthy for everyone – baby included!).  Saturday morning you could sleep in, go to a music brunch (my husband and I have seen many gospel brunches advertised, and we went to a Beatles Brunch, which was amazing), do an afternoon activity like visiting a museum, an aquarium, the local zoo or shopping, and then enjoy the main music event Saturday evening.  If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’m a huge advocate of using Groupon for weekend trips, which I mention in this article and this article.  Check out the options for your city before you go and you may be able to find a deal on anything from a pottery class, to a wildlife preserve, to show tickets!  Not to mention that you should always check Groupon for great deals on local restaurants if you want to save money for baby (or your next vacation).

4. Beach Babymoon

There are few things as relaxing and enjoyable as going to the beach.  Treat yourself to a beach weekend before the baby comes, because it will never be the same after.  You can find great deals at Booking or AirBnB on a nice play to stay near any beach.  Spend a few days lounging in the sunshine, laying in the sand, playing in the waves and (depending on the beach you choose), walking the boardwalk and browsing the shops.

No matter where you choose to go, the goal is to enjoy your time so that you can go home feeling relaxed, super connected with your partner, and ready for your new baby to arrive.  Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and you spend months preparing for the baby.  Make sure that you are also taking time to stay happy and relaxed.  Good luck, and happy babymooning!


Do you think a babymoon is a good idea?  Where would your ideal babymoon destination be?  Share with me in the comments!

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