Eco Food Wraps – Sustainable Product Review

The world is producing too much plastic.  We are damaging our ecosystem by clogging our oceans with trash and contaminating the food and habitats of animals worldwide.

One of the most effective ways to save the environment is to stop purchasing plastic products!  One item that I have purchased and disposed of time and time again is leftover containers.  Stepping away from the sustainability aspect for a moment, I have always found traditional American leftover containers to be highly ineffective products.  They are difficult to store (who doesn’t know the struggle of the overflowing leftover container cabinet where lids can never be matched to their counterparts?), they are difficult to wash (red pasta sauce residue, anyone?), and they break quickly (I KNOW I’m not the only one with 7 cracked plastic leftover lids), forcing us to go out and purchase more ineffective plastic containers. The struggle is real.

I have been searching for a better way to store fresh and leftover food items since I first began living on my own.  I’ve tried glass containers, metal and Pyrex, and of course the classic grocery store plastic on plastic combo.  I am nowhere near satisfied with any of these options, and have long thought that there MUST be a better way store our leftovers.  I recently came across a new company called Eco Food Wraps who offer a sustainable way to store and transport food.  I was given a few Eco Food Wraps to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of their product, and I have some incredibly exciting news…

Eco Food Wraps are INCREDIBLE!!

I have to admit that I was really skeptical when I first read about Eco wraps, and I was prepared to be disappointed by the product.  How do they hold their shape?  Do they really keep food fresh?  How could they possibly hold a firm seal?  Listen, I don’t understand the science behind them, but I can assure you that Eco wraps are freakin’ awesome, and they work.

Eco Food Wraps (that’s the brand name), are handmade in Australia by a company that realized there was a need for effective and environmentally-friendly food storage.  They begin with sheets of organic cotton fabric and they coat those sheets with a mixture of beeswax and tree resin.  The result is a sturdy, yet pliable material that adheres to itself FAR better than any cling wrap I’ve ever used.  Eco wraps come in a small variety of cute and colorful patters.  The warmth of your hand makes them pliable enough to wrap around food items like sandwiches or snacks, or you can use the Eco wraps to seal the  containers you want to store leftovers in.  After use, you can wash them with cool water and a mild detergent.  Towel-dry them for immediate re-use, or let them air dry.  If they were lightly used, just wipe them down with a damp towel and store them away for next time!

I love to put my leftovers in a glass bowl and seal the top off with my Eco wraps.  That way I don’t have to deal with broken, plastic leftover lids floating around my kitchen, Eco wraps take up FAR less storage space (I had an entire cabinet that was overflowing with plastic leftover containers.  Now I can use that storage space for other items), and using Eco wraps drastically reduced the number of dishes that I have to do!  You can do anything with Eco wraps!  Wrap up a sandwich for work and toss it into your lunchbox.  Wrap up snacks like dried fruit and nuts, popcorn, or chips for your children to bring to school, or yourself or your partner to take to the office.  Wet foods can be placed in a glass container, then covered and sealed with your Eco wraps.

I am completely obsessed with my Eco wraps and have been telling my family and friends about them for weeks.  This is a product that solves a multitude of complaints that I’ve had for years regarding food storage, and I am so thrilled to finally have found an effective solution.  The fact that they are ALSO environmentally friendly is honestly thrilling!  Eco wraps are more expensive than your typical grocery store leftover containers, but they are a wonderful investment, as you can see below.

Benefits of Switching to Eco Food Wraps:

  • Environmentally friendly way to store and transport food – NO MORE PLASTIC!
  • Massive space savings in your kitchen. Ditch the leftover container cabinet and give your Eco Wraps a small drawer to live in.
  • Save time and money buying Eco Wraps that will last.  No more replacing broken or mismatched leftover containers.
  • Easy to wash and store.
  • Strong seal over glass containers so food stays fresh (leftovers really shouldn’t be kept for very long anyways…that’s a food safety issue).
  • Support companies who support global sustainability endeavors, and dramatically increase the acceptance and demand for environmentally-friendly products (read more about that HERE).

If you want to read more about Eco wraps, check out their website for their story, products, and Frequently Asked Questions HERE, or browse their Instagram account @EcoFoodWrap.

I am happy to share this awesome product with my followers, and I can’t wait to purchase more wraps for myself soon!  Would you consider ditching plastic containers for environmentally friendly, sustainable Eco Food Wraps?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

1 Comment

  1. I love you for sharing this product! I personally don’t use much plastic to keep my food fresh, all I do is put a plate on top of it in the fridge. But this is perfect for people who do use plastics to keep their leftovers fresh!

    I would have loved this product, but as a vegan gal, I don’t know how the company gets their beeswax :/
    We have to take care of the earth in so many ways so it’s very difficult when buying from brands because you never truly know if their practices are sustainable.
    Thank you for sharing this product though, I will be looking into more items like this because my mom uses a lot of plastic at home for her foods :/


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