Simple Skin Care Swaps – From Chemicals To Natural Products!

We all know that less chemicals in our lives is better. We do our best to eat organic, use a refillable water bottle and say no to plastic. But what isn’t so obvious is the chemicals sneaking into our daily lives through our skin care routine. Face cleansers, make-up removers, moisturizers and deodorant may have many hidden chemicals that you don’t want to put on your body. When it comes to skin care – you should go for products that are so clean you can eat! That’s right, eat! Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. 

The good news is that all these products can be made, completely naturally, with ingredients that are safe and effective!


Face Cleanser – It’s 2019, it’s time to ditch the facial cleansers with those little beads. This DIY face cleanser is great for cleansing clogged pores and making them appear smaller. The best part – it’s just three ingredients! 



3 Tbs jojoba oil

1 Tbs tamanu oil

5 Drops of frankincense oil


Mix well in a glass jar, wet face with warm water and massage a small amount of the mixture all over your face. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and then wash off. You will be looking and feeling fresh!


Make-Up Remover – Make-up removers can not only be filled with chemicals but they’re also expensive! This DIY make-up remover will save you money, is healthier for your skin, and smells so nice!



½ C Organic fractionated* coconut oil

¼ Witch Hazel

15 Drops of lavender oil


Mix all ingredients together in a glass container. Apply to a washcloth to help remove your makeup, wash face afterwards!

*Liquid state, even at a cooler temperature


Moisturizer – We should moisturize our skin, especially our face, everyday! This very simple recipe can be customized based on your skin’s needs! The recipe is simply just coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oils. The essential oil is where you can customize, listed below are the benefits of the oils. Enjoy!



5 Tbs Organic fractionated coconut oil

1 Tbs Vitamin E oil

10 Drops of an essential oil


Lavender – Reduces redness and blotchiness 

Melaleuca & grapefruit – Helps treat acne and blemishes 

Frankincense & sandalwood – Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 


Choose the essential oils you’d like to use and mix all ingredients together. Apply a small amount upon washing face before going to bed. 


Deodorant – A lot of deodorants have parabens and aluminums lurking around – not good for you. Making your own is so simple and is actually GOOD for you, with zero toxins!



5 Tbs coconut oil

5 Drops of lavender oil

5 Drops of melaleuca oil


Heat coconut oil just enough to melt it, and then put in a small glass jar and add the essential oils. Allow it to cool and use about 1 teaspoon of the mixture to apply to your underarms. The lavender and melaleuca gives a pleasant scent while killing bacteria and soothing the skin from razor bumps. 


For more recipes and tips for living a holistic lifestyle check out Olivia’s Blog and follow her on instagram!

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